Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Had to compromise on the quality here to keep the upload small. The quality of the movies of the new camera is amazing, but the files are huge. The original was 300mb, for only about a minute of movie. Uploading that would take too long.

Complication of filming with the camera is the focus, which isn't set automatically. So during filming I have to do it manually, which account for the sometimes fuzzy images - clearly not used to using the camera for movies.

In the real movies they have someone for that, called 'the focus puller'. I had to do it myself... :-)

This was just some testing and playing around with new features of the camera, not meant as a 'keeper'. But I hadn't counted on the younger girls passing by, which made it quite funny (if you're me), so I decided to show it...

I'm not fully sure how this player works, but after hitting the play button and a bit of 'Buffering...' it should start playing...

Mind the volume though, it's quite loud...

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