Monday, October 1, 2012

DNGMonochrome and the EOS 5D Mark II

Got informed by a user (thanks Olivér) that the 5D Mark II converted CR2 files do produce a monochrome DNG, but that Lightroom has trouble reading them.

I use several programs to test the results in, but apparently I forgot to see how Lightroom deals with the 5D DNGs. For the EOS 350D and 40D things go smooth and fine, no problems there, but the 5D Mark II is a bit problematic.

Turns out DNGMonochrome produces a DNG for these files with an uneven number of rows (the 'height' is off) and Lightroom doesn't like that.

This bug is fixed, but I want to run some additional tests to make sure there's no problem with the borders of these DNGs.

So if you want to use DNGMonochrome for Canon 5D Mark II CR2 files, please be patient. The next release (somewhere this week) will fix the problems.

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