Friday, October 5, 2012

DNGMonochrome 0.9.5 beta released

[Edit: after releasing 0.9.5, I discovered the new quality slider was not fully operational on the blue filter... that's fixed in 0.9.51, which is currently the version on the download page]

This version improves the working of the quality slider by using a different method, leading to a tighter integration between the smooth and the sharp algorithms.

It leads to overall better results compared to the old method.

Be aware that I'm talking pixel peeping magnifications here (200% to 400%). You'll probably not notice the differences when viewing at 100% or when downscaling the photo.

The quality slider is mainly useful when you want to print large (over 100%), and the usage of it is strongly advised if you go for the red filtering or blue filtering.

The green filtering is not introduced yet in this version, since I'm still experimenting.

It works very nicely for the Leica files, but the numbers on the Canon files do not lead to the right results. I'm still figuring out what the difference is. It is to be expected obviously, since the two companies do not share the same Bayer filter or sensor, so the specs are different.

Also in this version the Canon EOS 5D mark III is now supported.

For Canon users: you first have to convert your CR2 file to DNG with the free Adobe DNG converter and the end product is a monochrome DNG that can not be read by DPP.

You can download the new version of DNGMonochrome here.

Lightroom and Canon files

I discovered the Lightroom preview / cache gets confused on the Canon files.

If you have imported multiple copies of one original DNG (say a regular monochrome DNG and a red filtered monochrome DNG of the same photo), switching to the red filtered monochrome in Lightroom will briefly show the regular monochrome one. It's harmless but looks weird. If you have only one monochrome copy loaded into Lightroom, this problem doesn't occur.

It also doesn't occur on Leica monochrome DNGs, which leads me to believe that it might have something to do with a specific DNG setting put in by the Adobe DNG converter.

Another possibility is that it's a local cache issue, to do with my Lightroom setup.

As said: it's harmless, the correct DNG is shown once Lightroom has it properly loaded after selection, but I will be investigating this issue anyway, see if I can figure out what's causing it.

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