Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blurry vision III

And a small victory today...

On a side track I've been testing color DNGs, to figure out if it is actually possible to deblur a RAW file in stead of an exported JPG. I couldn't find a theoretical reason why not, but seeing that a DNG still needs to be interpolated, I did wonder if filtering the RAW values like the deblurring does, would lead to any problems.

Basically I'm using the engine of DNGMonochrome: interpolate the three color planes (green, red and blue), deblur all the color planes with the same kernel, then write back the DNG as a RAW file, with the replaced pixel values for green, red and blue. Producing what I was looking for: a deblurred - non interpolated - RAW file.

Deblur first, develop later.

First attempts were rather horrendous, but today I had some success.

It's the same umbrella - from my previous post - but now in color. The 'deblur' is slightly less spectacular, but that's because I'm currently deblurring on a preview of the grayscale version of the photo. I haven't implemented a color preview yet.

Small crop from a blurred Canon 40D photo... Move over the image with your mouse to see the blur corrected version... JPG produced from a deblurred DNG...

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