Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is there a doctor in the audience?

Well my dear readers, this is it...

I know, quite disappointing.

But it is me, your faithful blogger, at least a part of me...

I still don't understand how they are able to read this. The report also stated that my heart isn't enlarged (nice bonus), but I can't even figure out where my heart is on this thing! Somewhere in the middle I suppose...

It wasn't easy to get a proper picture of it. I tried back lighting it behind glass, but that upset the camera quite a bit on the transparent areas. Turned out that moderate back lighting and some front lighting with a longer exposure gave the best results. I still have another idea of how to photograph it, so I might treat you to a better version soon, if that way works better.

I'm also not fully sure if I haven't mirrored the pic. I went for the 'Erect' text on the right, but my full name on the left (blocked out by me for privacy reasons) was actually mirrored and might indicate the picture should be flipped. Which means that blob down on the right might belong to the left... either my colon transporting the Japanese meal of the night before (yummy) or a part of my liver, I have no idea... A kidney perhaps? But then you wonder where the other one is... I'm quite sure they would have mentioned a missing kidney in their report... :-)

I will ask the doc when she has a look.

See the bigger and more detailed gory version by clicking on it.

Oh, and for people wondering what the actual results were of this pic, or why I am sharing my lungs with the world, see this post.

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