Sunday, April 26, 2015

DNGDeblur 1.1.0 released

Some small changes and some bugfixes in this new release.

Changes and additions
  • Speeds up the preview creation of DNGs
  • When deblurring JPEGs, the EXIF information is now preserved in the saved copy
  • Adds option to strip EXIF from JPEGs in the saved copy

Bug fixes
  • After clicking the Update button with a new version available and then clicking 'Yes' on the question 'Download now?' the browser would open the DNGMonochrome page in stead of the DNGDeblur page
  • When switching from a Leica T DNG or Sony A7s DNG to a JPEG in the list on the left, the notification about lens distortion would not disappear

Note the first bug fix: if you use the Update function in version 1.0.0, it might land you on the DNGMonochrome page.


You can download the new version of DNGDeblur here.

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