Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DNGMonochrome 0.9.82 released

Some small changes and an important bugfix in this new release.

  • Splits the localization slider in the deblurring filter into two sliders: one for dark/midtones, and one for highlights... this gives more control over the deblurring distortions...
  • In anticipation of the new 'deblurring circles' (not yet available), the 200% preview in the Tools window is dropped, and the 100% preview is enlarged and can be switched to 200%
  • Fixes a memory bug that could lead to a 'whoa, that's a bug' notification after deblurring the same photo (in full) several times in one session
  • Fixes gamma not changing for the small preview picture in the Tools window


You can download the new version of DNGMonochrome here.

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