Sunday, September 28, 2014

DNGMonochrome 0.9.8 released

Ok, let's not go into the why it took so long, but just present this new version.

New in version 0.9.8
  • Drops support for Windows XP. Version 0.9.72 will stay available, but 0.9.8 is not supported anymore on XP
  • Drops the sharper setting. Already not as effective anymore due to algorithm changes, it also gave unsatisfactory results on photos with higher pixel counts. The positive effect still left was easier to reproduce with a bit of sharpening in the RAW developer
  • Adds deblurring option through Fast Fourier Transform and Wiener filtering
  • Adds support for the Leica T
  • Adds support for the Canon EOS 550D and EOS 30D (for DNGs produced with Adobe DNG converter from CR2 files)
  • Adds support for the Nikon D200, D800 and D800E (for DNGs produced with Adobe DNG converter from NEF files)
  • Adds support for the Sony A7s (for DNGs produced with Adobe DNG converter from ARW files. Note that you might need a recent version of Adobe Converter for ARW files. Also note that currently the Sony A7 and Sony A7r are not supported)
  • Adds a 'no interpolation' option for modified color cameras that have their Bayer filter removed. These cameras produce a monochrome luminance file but at the same time the file still holds parameters indicating it was shot with a color camera. This then leads to trouble in RAW converters, since the RAW converter is assuming it's a color photo. Using this new 'no interpolation' option will lead to an non-interpolated monochrome DNG and stop the RAW converter from interpolating.
    Do not use this option on color DNGs from regular color cameras.
  • Changes the G1G2 correction to a more intelligent approach (G1G2 correction only applies to the Leica M8, Leica M9 and Nikon D200)
  • Adapts the preview image to respond much faster (and smoother) to brightness changes (through the brightness slider)
  • Adds a contrast slider for the preview image
  • Fixes bug: changing gamma would not work in the cooked preview mode
  • Fixes bug: after using the RGB filters in combination with gradient filtering (set to right to left or bottom to top), switching off the gradient and processing the photo again would lead to a regular photo and not an RGB filtered one.


I guess the biggest new thing is the deblurring filter, although I myself do have some reservations about the usefulness, it does deliver on some of my own photos. You can read more about it here, with a short description (no visuals) how to work with it.


You can download the new version of DNGMonochrome here.

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