Monday, November 19, 2012

DNGMonochrome 0.9.6 beta released

Ok, finally...

It's a release with quite a bit of new stuff, so I do expect bugs. Check back soon.

Here are all the changes...

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug that on rare occasions could lead to a checkerboard pattern on blown out highlights... it's very unlikely that any of your converted photos were affected by this bug
  • Fixes bug which could lead to a crash when pressing the Cancel button on a running blue filtered process


  • Changes the strength setting from steps of 25% to steps of 5%
  • Changes the filter options to a drop down list
  • Changes the file naming... filename will now indicate the type of filter (RAW or RGB), the filter used (color), and the strength setting of the filter

New stuff

  • Adds a red, green and blue filter to the filter options
  • Adds option to change the white balance of the photo before filtering (on RGB filters only)
  • Adds option to use the RGB filters as a gradient in four directions, with options to end the gradient anywhere on the photo
  • Adds option to boost the strength of the RGB filters when using the filters as gradient
  • Adds dead pixel functionality, to register dead pixels per camera
  • Adds quality option to fix registered dead pixels in the monochrome DNG

Dropped stuff

  • Due to the fact the working of the new red RGB filter is slightly similar to the working of the RAW red filter on a non-full strength (same for the new RGB blue filter versus the RAW blue filter), the strength setting for the RAW filters was dropped
  • Internal 8-bit support was dropped (mainly to make it easier to maintain the code)... effectively this means the M8 DNGs and compressed M9 DNGs are decompressed after loading and the resulting monochrome DNG will be written decompressed - 16 bit (making the monochrome DNG file larger for original 8-bit DNGs)

Extra documentation

More on the new 'dead pixel mapper' and how to work it here.

More on the new white balance slider and what it does here.


You can download the new version of DNGMonochrome here.

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