Monday, September 24, 2012

DNGMonochrome, next release almost there...

Well, more or less done with the new stuff, just need to run some additional tests.

Converted Canon files now all seem to work, but I've not tested the smaller RAW formats of the 5D Mark II.

If you are interested in this software for CR2 files, do note that you need to convert them first to DNG and that the end result is also DNG, which can't be read by the regular Canon software (DPP). Also, so far only the EOS 350D, EOS 40D and EOS 5D Mark II will be supported. I might extend that a bit with other models, if I can find some online camera specific RAW files.

The strength setting for red and blue works, and I managed to speed up the whole thing again. Not the regular conversion, but the red and blue conversion. Going from 90 seconds on my system to 30 seconds for the whole process, think that's a very welcome improvement.

I've not looked at the algorithms this time, but I do intend to start some more testing on high ISO images, since those were left out during the initial development and do pose some problems.

I figured out what's happening with the sharper algorithms (essentially color noise gets amplified), so I want to see what can be done about that (if anything) apart from diverting to the 'smooth' algorithm...

I've had several questions today, since the software seems to be 'discovered', sparking a sudden interest... bad timing because I'm off on a short break this week, starting tomorrow (Tuesday), so comments and emails might be left unanswered for a few days...

I suspect to have 0.9.3 beta online by the end of this week or in the coming weekend.

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