Monday, July 23, 2012

M9Tether 2.2d released

Not so great timing, but I can't help it that Leica doesn't follow my schedule. :-)

So after releasing 2.2c, just a few days ago, there's now 2.2d.

The only difference being that 2.2d fully functions with the new Leica firmware (1.196) they brought out today (of course this version also still operates fully with 1.138, 1.162, 1.174 and 1.176).

I designed M9Tether under the assumption the PTP implementation might change with firmware updates, blocking some functionality for use with newer firmware, as a safeguard.

So far (after now four new firmware versions) that assumption turned out to be wrong.

Also in this firmware (1.196) nothing was fixed, changed or added where PTP is concerned and RAMDisk mode operates as it did under the previous firmware. I wasn't able to detect any changes (somehow a bit disappointing, seeing that the PTP implementation really could use some attention - I still notice at least two bugs and the options to change settings on the camera are still as limited as they always were).

You can download 2.2d here.

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