Saturday, November 19, 2011

M9Tether 2.2 released

New in 2.2

I added a second remote option to the program.

You can now use your wireless (or wired) mouse to control the camera. It's less cumbersome to set up than the remote option through iTunes. Select the remote option in the new drop down (choices are iTunes or Mouse) and then click the 'Remote...' button on the right...

With the mouse you can shoot with the left button, or change some of the camera's settings (selecting the setting by clicking the right mouse button and changing the setting by using the scroll wheel of the mouse).

The iTunes option is extended and now also includes the ability to change the Format setting remotely.

Note that you will have to add the format tracks from 'The Album' to your iTunes library for this to work. 'The Album' can be located in the M9Tether installation folder (default would be C:\Program Files\M9Tether) and it contains the silent MP3 files that need to be added to your iTunes library.

For a full description follow the links on the download page.

Enabled for the new firmware

Version 2.2 also enables firmware sensitive functionality (Temperature reading / ImageUniqueID reading / Ramdisk mode) to work with the newest firmware (1.174).

M9Tether was updated in the meantime to version 2.2b... no changes other than making it also work with firmware 1.176

Bug fixes

Fixes a problem with the repeat timer button, which sometimes didn't show (the button behind the option 'Timed shoot').

Fixes a problem where the confirmation for 'Aperture overwrite' wouldn't show.


See for the details and download.

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