Wednesday, August 24, 2011


[Please note that this post is part of a series describing my first wobbly steps into the world of ICC color profiles. The aim is to build an ICC color profile editor from scratch. Seeing how I started this project with no knowledgde whatsoever on the subject, it's wise to realise that some of my findings described in these posts are incorrect. The incorrect conclusions are usually corrected in later posts. For the whole series in one go, click here.]

So what's the situation at the moment on the color front?

Well, I had to spend some time on the curve editor, to be able to actually change the calibration.

As you know, last time I was able to get to the calibration curves of any ICC profile, and show them.

At this point I'm actually able to change them and see the effect. In essence I'm done with what I wanted: adapt my ugly grays. Lifting the blue slightly solves my problem. The last thing I need to do is save the edited data, a minor task.

Of course that's not enough, because now I'm intrigued!

The next step is to concentrate on the TRC's and accomplish a similar thing: edit them and experience the effect of my changes.

What is that effect?

I'm not fully sure yet, but I suspect the TRC's do a similar thing as the calibration curves, but in the actual color transition. Because here's the thing:

I have two profiles with the same calibration curves, but different TRC curves, and obviously, when switching between profiles, my screen stays the same, but the colors of the photo change. So my guess is that adapting the TRC's will actually change the colors through the color translation... Also something I will find out when I connect the editing of the curves to the 'live' TRC data and make a direct link with the color translating, being able to see the effect instantly.

It's less useful, because I think editing a profile manually this way will lead to color chaos, but for tiny changes and small tweaks it might be useful.

After that I want to have a look at the white point and the color end points (I believe they have to do with the 'gamut').

If I can also change those and see the effect I'm pretty sure there's not much else left where display profiles in the sRGB color space are concerned...

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