Monday, June 6, 2011

M9Tether version 2.0 released

Version 2.0 contains some bug fixes and two new features.

RAMDisk mode

Adds 'RAMDisk mode'. RAMDisk mode allows for shooting tethered without SD card and it speeds up the transfer (especially shooting DNG benefits). Read about this new feature here. There are some considerations, so please read the whole page.

Remote control through iPod

Adds remote control through iPod via iTunes (most likely also through iPhone/iPad). Read about this feature (and how to install) here.

Bug fixes

Adds check on the transfer folder. M9Tether will now warn if it doesn't have permission to write into the folder. In previous versions this could lead to an error in the middle of a transfer, freezing up the camera.

Fixes bug on Vista and possibly on some Windows7 systems: closing the application with the restore option on, could cause M9Tether to freeze, because the restore commands were sent to the camera too rapidly, invalidating the WPD software representation of the camera. This led to a freeze of the software. This seemed to be mainly a problem on Windows Vista.


See for the details and download.

Version 2.1?

Yes, that one is already in the making and will have the ability to trigger the camera through your webcam, reacting to sudden changes in brightness.

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