Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Like cleaning a window...

This reworking of photos seems a bit like cleaning a window: once you do a little bit you have to do the whole thing (that's why I usually don't touch my windows... ever...)

I used to process my Canon RAWs with DPP (Canon's software), but since I got the hang of Adobe's Lightroom a bit, I seem to get better results.

I don't think it's DPP versus Lightroom though, but me probably, paying a little bit more attention to the end result. Although Lightroom does seem more subtle with the possible tweaks.

On the other hand, DPP seems easier when it comes to getting the colours right. Not sure why. Just a feeling, or perhaps a matter of 'being used to'. This whole post processing business is rather subjective I guess.

I don't particularly like to use two applications for processing photos, that's another consideration, so this was also a bit of an experiment to see what Lightroom could do with the Canon RAW files. Lightroom can handle both Canon and Leica (DNG files), but DPP can only handle Canon, so Lightroom it is for now.

So, on I went... another album resized and reprocessed, some photos removed, some added...

Click on the photo to see this album with 13 'new' photos from 25 December 2009...

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